business plans

A comprehensive Business Plan will greatly increase your chances for success in your business venture. PD can construct the entire business plan which includes industry specific market trends, competitor profiles, marketing strategy and back-up financials. The Business Plan is a written summary of what you want to accomplish and the identification of resources to meet your goals. If your business has “not got off the ground”, it may be lacking a clearly constructed business plan to serve as a road map.


A typical outline for a Business Plan includes:

• Executive Summary

• Description of the business including location, facilities and ownership

• Product or service provided including proprietary features

• Industry analysis including size, growth trends, market segmentation

• Competitor analysis including strengths and weaknesses

• Marketing plan including target markets, pricing, promotion and distribution

• Management team including organizational chart, bios of principals and outside advisors

• Critical risks and assumptions

• Financial spreadsheets including projected profit and loss and breakeven analysis

• Investment return

• Appendices


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