A feasibility study is a crucial step in determining whether a new business idea is worth pursuing. Lending institutions and investors typically require a feasibility study if you need to finance the business. The study evaluates the project’s potential for success and provides discipline and insight.

While the exact appearance of each study varies based on the industry and critical factors for that project, most studies have standard components, including market analysis, technical analysis, and financial analysis.

Market analysis is the critical first step, as it is essential to understand the competitive environment in which you will operate. This analysis should provide an estimate of market size, projected market share, and an analysis of the competition. Without adequate demand for your product or service, your business idea may not be feasible.

The financial assessment is a critical component of the feasibility study. It includes revenue and income projections for the first year, along with start-up costs to determine how much funding your business will need. Capital requirements, gross profit margins, and net income are also key components of the financial assessment.

After compiling and analyzing the information, “ProDimensions” provides a recommendation to the client, allowing them to make a GO/NO GO decision regarding the feasibility of launching the business venture. The feasibility study validates assumptions and reassures investors and lenders that the proposed venture is economically viable. It must be designed to serve everyone’s needs and provide multiple potential uses.

Having a comprehensive Business Plan is crucial for the success of any business venture, and “ProDimensions” is here to help. Our team of experts can construct the entire business plan for you, which includes a detailed analysis of industry-specific market trends, competitor profiles, marketing strategies, and reliable financial projections.
A Business Plan is a written summary of your business goals and objectives, along with the identification of the necessary resources required to achieve them. If your business is struggling to get off the ground, it may be due to the lack of a well-constructed business plan that serves as a roadmap to success.

Our typical Business Plan outline includes an Executive Summary, a detailed description of your business, including its location, facilities, and ownership structure, product or service provided, industry analysis, competitor analysis, marketing plan, management team, critical risks, and assumptions, financial projections, and investment return. Our expert team can work with you to develop
a customized business plan that will increase your chances of success and provide a clear direction for your business.

With our professional assistance, you can rest assured that your business plan will be thorough, accurate, and effective.



At “ProDimensions” we are committed to providing you with comprehensive market research to help you make informed business decisions. Our team utilizes a range of qualitative and quantitative research tools to gather the necessary data, including online surveys, field surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews. We strive to attain sample sizes that accurately represent the targeted population and provide you with reliable data for analysis.
The final report we deliver is a comprehensive analysis of the market data collected, which forms the basis for our recommended cost-effective marketing and CRM strategy. Our goal is to help you drive profitable growth and expansion strategies for your brand and business. Trust us to deliver valuable insights and data-driven recommendations that will set your business up for success.


When developing a marketing strategy, a thorough evaluation is carried out on the essential components of Product, Price, Place, Promotions, People, Processes, and Physical Appearance. Moreover, a complete examination of the Company, Business Category, Competition, and Customers is conducted to ensure that your brand has a well-rounded Marketing Mix that is inclusive and seamlessly integrated with the appropriate positioning, messaging, and outreach techniques. This comprehensive approach enables us to create a cost-effective marketing plan that drives profitable growth and expansion for your business.


“ProDimensions” offer organizations of any size and industry a comprehensive outsourced marketing, CRM, and business planning solution. Our team can professionally manage these functions on an ongoing basis and can even replace your internal department if needed. We start by developing a solid business, marketing, and CRM strategy and plan that aligns with your goals, market position, and budget. Then, we take full responsibility for the implementation process and allocate the necessary human resources to ensure effective day-to-day execution. Acting as your marketing and CRM director, we carry out all the responsibilities and commitments of a full-fledged internal marketing and CRM unit, delivering results that exceed your expectations.
Outsourcing your marketing and CRM management to “ProDimensions” offers several benefits, including access to a broader talent pool, an outside perspective on your business, and media and discipline neutrality. By bringing in innovative ideas and high-level talent, our team can execute your marketing plan with a fresh perspective, ensuring that strategies are analyzed from the customer’s viewpoint.
We have the flexibility to identify and deploy the resources needed, based on a strategic analysis of your company’s goals, market position, and budget, rather than focusing on selling a specific service. Even if you have your own marketing department, outsourcing to “ProDimensions” can free up in-house personnel to focus on their strengths, while our team provides a full-fledged marketing strategy and support.


Ensuring customer loyalty and retention is just as vital as acquiring new customers. This can only be achieved by implementing a clear and effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) protocol that spans across all business units and customer-facing staff. Your customers’ data is a valuable asset that must be maintained and leveraged to create a personalized and relevant communication strategy throughout each client’s life cycle and ownership experience.

At “ProDimensions,” we offer the following services to help you in your CRM efforts:

  • Assisting in the selection of the right CRM platform for your business.
  • Designing a CRM protocol that captures relevant leads and maintains a healthy database of customers and potential buyers.
  • Building a CRM process that closely monitors lead targets, sales conversion ratios, and lost sales.
  • Establishing a regular and solid complaint management process.
  • Establishing a regular and solid customer satisfaction index monitoring process.
  • Designing and executing customized loyalty and retention programs.
  • Training your team to use the CRM tool effectively and in line with your business objectives and targets.

Our goal is to help you develop a robust CRM strategy that can improve customer engagement, increase customer retention rates, and drive revenue growth for your business.


  • A marketing audit can provide valuable insights into a company’s marketing performance, identify gaps, and uncover opportunities for improvement. Some benefits of conducting a marketing audit include:
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of past marketing efforts: A marketing audit can help companies evaluate the results of previous marketing campaigns and initiatives, including identifying which strategies worked and which ones did not.
  • Identifying areas for improvement: A marketing audit can highlight areas where a company’s marketing efforts are falling short, such as in lead generation, customer engagement, or brand awareness.
  • Benchmarking against competitors: A marketing audit can provide valuable insights into how a company’s marketing efforts compare to those of its competitors, helping to identify areas where the company can differentiate itself in the market.
  • Improving the overall marketing strategy: A marketing audit can help companies refine their marketing strategies, identifying opportunities to improve targeting, messaging, and overall effectiveness.

By conducting a marketing audit, companies can gain a better understanding of their marketing performance, identify areas for improvement, and develop a more effective marketing strategy.

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